April 7, 2016

Grow Your Brand: Why Use Social Media?

Why Use Social Media?

Social Media Branding is often perceived as being reserved for companies trying to sell a product, however personal branding can be just as important, particularly for athletes. In its simplest form social media is defined as computer based tools that allow companies or people to share information. The sharing or exchanging of information, interests, ideas and various media over these networks can be vital in the building of one’s brand, but users must also be aware of the privacy issues and carefully monitor and control the release of personal information. Scoutlete encourages all users to read our Privacy Policy, as well as all the other social media platforms being used, in order to understand what is being done with the information gathered. By doing so one may determine what information they feel safe providing and develop a strategic plan for the building of their brand.

Many Student-Athletes are already ‘connected’ as they have been raised in a digitally aware world with a social media presence being the norm. Many parents who grew up before this surge of online social media may find themselves apprehensive when it comes to their children’s online presence or the sharing of their information with the world. With the right understanding, strategic planning and goal setting a good social media presence can be a game changer.

The big question is, why should Student-Athletes use social media? Well, simply put, it opens up a world of connections and accessibility, helping Student-Athletes to gain much needed exposure. Scoutlete is, of course, a form of social media and helps Student-Athletes to safely connect with coaches, scouts and other athletes while also providing a safe platform for the sharing of achievements and personal accomplishments. When used with thoughtfulness and purpose social media can be a Student-Athletes best friend.

Grow Your Brand

Here are some things to consider when growing one’s brand with social media:

  • Anyone with a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Scoutlete  or another social media account is already their own brand. Build that brand for the future, and think about the future with every post.
  • The world we live in is very connected and any prospective sponsors or athletic institutions will be sure to ‘Google’ their athletes in order to learn about them before ever meeting them, looking at a resume or pouring over game tapes.
  • Every post one makes will either add value to their brand, or undermine it. Read it, read it and read it again.
  • Try to only post content that is interesting and shareable. People tend to race through posts; share content that will help people connect with you.
  • Make sure to keep up with trends. Work on learning how to follow the latest trends and be active in trends that are important at the time.
  • Develop and implement something original to one’s brand. An original hashtag that accompanies each post, for example, can help to develop ones brand.
  • Stand out from the crowd. Each person is an individual and different from the next; make sure to let personality shine through.
  • Show appreciation. Whether it be a family member, a coach, a fan or a sponsor make sure to show appreciation for the support.

Social media allows Student-Athletes to make connections with coaches and institutions without traveling, to connect with role models who would otherwise seem distant and to share their own personal achievements in an otherwise small world. Get noticed, gain notoriety, attract media and sponsor attention, build a specific brand or reputation, connect with or build a fan base and inspire people; just a few of the reasons why Student-Athletes should use social media.

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