February 24, 2016

Bully No More: Pink TShirt Day

Bullying effects millions of people everyday. Did you know that over 30% of youth report some type of bullying? Its true, and Scoutlete won’t stand for it.

Today is Pink TShirt Day and Scoutlete, along with the Pink TShirt Society and many more, encourage everyone to wear something pink to symbolize that we will not stand for bullying, anywhere. It is a message we need to carry with us everyday, in everything we do, and it may be especially important as athletes to step up and help prevent bullying.

Athletes often have an increased role, or level of exposure in their school or community and with this role comes not only influence, but responsibility. Step up and help use exposure to put an end bullying.

As an athlete, a team member and a teammate you can be a role model on your team, in your school and even in your community. Believe it or not you can have a strong impact on how bullying is perceived. Unfortunately, the stigma following athletes is often true with things like froshing, initiations and the bullying of non-athletes being commonplace; make it clear that you do not believe in bullying, that you will not engage in it and that you will even work to stop it. Encourage others to report any bullying. Help to create an environment that does not condone bullying in any shape or form and if you aren’t sure about something, ask. Having open discussions about what is acceptable and unacceptable on and off the field is an important step in preventing bullying.

It is important for victims of bullying to know that they are not alone. The Pink TShirt Society was developed to provide victims with help and support, and to send a strong message that others care. Click on Pink TShirt Society to visit their website to learn more about what you can do to help.

Although today, February 24th, is Pink Tshirt Day it doesn’t mean you’ve missed out. The fight against bullying is something we need to take part in everyday and you can visit the Pink TShirt Societies permanent “Pink T-Shirt Day” page on Facebook to learn about future years. But don’t stop there, visit Stomp Out Bullying to learn about National Bullying Prevention Awareness month and Blue Shirt Day, which takes place every October. Or Google “Bullying” to learn more ways you can help fight bullying.


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